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You're busy. We get it.

Figuring out what to cook can be painful. We've been there too. Between school drop-offs, busy work schedules, and life admin, we were struggling to find the time and energy to switch gears and think about what we were going to cook for dinner.

We knew we had to choose a recipe that was both simple and family-friendly, we almost always ended up making multiple trips to the shops, and we were also dealing with hangry, tired kids. It all started to catch up with us and the stress of it all meant we were often opting for takeaway options that weren't kind to our hips, or our hip pockets.

The weeknight chaos continued.

We desperately wanted to be able to pull together an easy meal that we felt good about feeding our family. We tried a bunch of different options, meal delivery services, meal kit companies, you name it, we tried it. But it just wasn't a good fit. The quality of the produce was terrible, the packaging ridiculous and the sugar/salt/flavors/sauces were all too much. 

So then we tried creating a rigid schedule. Defining exactly what we would be eating for every single meal, including snacks. But even that wasn't the answer. It was all too complicated and we started blaming each other for things not working out.

Stress-free cooking.

Eventually we found the perfect balance. The easiest way to do dinner. And at last, our dinners were sorted.
We built a weekly collection of family-friendly recipes that we knew we could get on the table in no time with just enough variety to satisfy even the fussiest of taste buds. We knew what we were going to eat for the week ahead, and that we had everything we needed on hand.

The best bit!? This system allowed us to not only save ourselves a ridiculous amount of time but the decision fatigue we were constantly feeling from deciding what to cook was no longer an issue! We managed to stop eating out, we weren't wasting food, and we were in control of the products we were bringing into our home.

It was at this point we knew there was an opportunity for us to help other parents. We saw our friends and colleagues going through many of the same challenges we had faced and we knew there was a better way to be doing things.

So today we are excited to let you know that this very same system is now available for you to use.

Get access to your one-stop shop recipe collection to ease the stress of deciding what to cook.

Family-friendly recipe collection

Inside our recipe collection you'll find the exact recipes we use to build our weekly meal plans:

  • Save money and time by planning ahead and experience all the benefits we do.
  • Discover how you can get dinner on the table in next to no time so dinner time can actually be enjoyable (yes it's possible!)
  • Make changes to suit most dietary preferences so even the fussiest eaters will love what you make.
  • Generate a grocery list in seconds based off your chosen recipes
  • Learn how to easily add your own recipes to your collection to make it even better suited to your family

Did You Know

 *Based off our market research

1/3 Families

Waste $100 to $200+ each week due to a lack of time to plan on last-minute expense like eating out.

1/3 Families

Spend more than 14 hours each week on meal planning, shopping and preparation.

Fre-dom Stories

fre-as-a-bird users share their own feedback.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
“fre-as-a-bird, gave me a break from the everyday monotony of thinking of what to cook, planning and shopping. It felt like a holiday for the week when we first started and we continue to love it! It made me enjoy cooking the meals and meant I had extra time in the week to spend with my family. I loved the simple, nutritious variety of family-friendly meals that were easy to cook and delicious. Highly recommend the service!”
Jade M
Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Saved me SO much time! I usually procrastinate ordering groceries as it stresses me out having to think about and plan the meals for the week. Having the shop and meals planned for me removed hours I’d have usually spent on this and I was able to spend time with my family having fun instead. Work, and after school activities were so much easier without the usual dinner time burden. The stress-free really cascaded into all areas of our week!”
Lauren V
Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Such an exceptional service for busy families! I save time planning meals, shopping and cooking. I have also reduced my food waste and spend less on groceries. Instead of prepping dinner while baby napped I can have some me time! Also when the big kids returned from school I don't have to begin dinner immediately. I loved how quickly I could get dinner on the table and clean up was a breeze as most recipes were “one pot”.”
Sarah F

Everything You Need To Succeed 


Here's exactly what you will gain access to


A curated collection of family-friendly, nutritionist-approved, recipes that are designed to be quick and easy. We take the best of what’s out there from some of your favourite chefs, and make them even better suited to busy families.


A fully categorised grocery list to save you even more time when shopping. Our recipes are adapted to help you save time and money, by minimising ingredients and streamlining your collection. The ingredients are suited to Australian supermarkets, making online orders a breeze.


When you upload your shopping list, you have complete control over the items that end up in your cart. Favourite brand? Organic preference? No problems, simply swap the item suggested for the one you want.


If you’re a list-in-hand kind of person, no problems! You have the option to print your list and categorise by recipe or aisle. Add any other items you need to remember, leave blank space, and tick them off as you go.


If you follow our steps, not only do we guarantee that you can cut down the time you spend on meal planning by at least 50%, but you’ll be eating well, feeling prepared, wasting less and creating more fre-dom to focus on what’s important to you.

If you have any questions, get in contact with us at [email protected] and we will get back to you right away.

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