We help you find fre-dom in your busy week.

Our story

Founders Who Know Fre-dom

Charlie and Emma Price are the founders of fre-as-a-bird.

After studying wellness and fitness on the Sunshine Coast together back in 2005, their shared passion for health and meaningful living was not only the un- knowing beginning of a the “fre” philosophy, but also the early seedlings of what would become a full scale business idea designed to help families around the world, change their lives.

Charlie and Emma always valued the concept of balancing family, personal, social and career but when they added two young children into their story, they found it almost impossible to achieve the balance they craved. They couldn’t help but feel that time just seemed to slip away week after week, with goals, purpose and connection time, constantly falling by wayside to menial tasks.

Challenged to believe there was “more” to the concept of time and freedom, they set out on a mission to transform their own lives and test the system. From 2016 - 2018, they took part in their own life experiment around habitual training and optimisation testing, where they developed a series of systems and strategies that ultimately allowed them to find their own fre-dom again.

After living “fre" for more than four years now and never looking back as a family, Charlie and Emma are living proof that time can be bought.

Recognising other families would benefit from this same knowledge, they connected with hundreds of families in a 2019 research project, only to discover 96% of those surveyed desperately craved time but felt like they could not find it in their current situation.

That is how fre-as-a-bird was born - out of the actualisation that everyone seeks more fre-dom in their lives and that it is indeed possible to gain more time if you want it badly enough.

Time; it turns out families can buy more
of it in 2022.

2021 News

We're excited to share that fre-as-a-bird is a registered Queensland social enterprise. We assist mothers in returning to work by providing adaptable scheduling alternatives that suit a busy family routine.

We are also in the process of building a product and service that will allow busy parents to accomplish their weekly shopping and meal planning in less than 10 minutes. We are thrilled about this new service, which will allow busy families to not only save time but also have access to easy, nutritious, and tasty family-friendly meals.

Best of all fre-as-a-bird has committed to giving it out for free!

Stay tuned and come back soon to find out how you can access this service.

2021 News

Create the change you want to see in the world.

Our company fre-as-a-bird was lucky enough to be one of 8 companies selected to take part in the 2021 Social Enterprise Accelerator Program FLOW FORWARD (FFWD) run by IMPACT BOOM.

The program is a comprehensive 15-week impact enterprise accelerator to help people develop or grow a sustainable and scalable enterprise that creates positive social impact.

2020 News

fre-as-a-bird had the honour and pleasure of being chosen to be a part of the 2020 Australian Health Accelerator Program, a program which helps entrepreneurs achieve success.

The AHx program is a catalyst for validating and commercialising new, innovative health related products and services providing access to state-of-the-art facilities, simulation suites and laboratories. Now entering its second year, AHx is built upon the foundation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) framework and is run by the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast (ICSC) in partnership with the Sunshine Coast Health Institute (SCHI) and ImpactXHealth.

We are extremely thankful for the wonderful support we have received that has helped guide our business in a very exciting direction.

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