Why You Should Use A Meal Plan

food meal plans simple living Dec 17, 2020

Without a doubt, life can be chaotic. Add a couple of kids to the mix, managing work, school, home, your health and the health of your family... You get where I'm going with this, right? 

We all spend countless hours thinking about food. What to eat, when we're going to eat it, who is going to eat it, how much do we need, where do we get it from, day in, day out. Generally, this responsibility tends to fall on one family members' shoulders, and it can be exhausting. As humans, we need food to survive, and we all know how much the type of food and the quantity of food we eat can impact our health - yet, we tend to fly by the seat of our pants, leaving it until the last minute, shopping without a plan, spending too much and eating without factoring in the proper nutritional knowledge that should be applied to our meal planning process.

So why do we keep making the same mistakes every week? I'm going to show you a few reasons why having a meal plan will not only significantly help you to lighten your mental load but also have a huge positive impact on you and your family's health.

1. Save time! In our market research, when initially putting our feelers out for fre-as-a.com, we found that families were spending upwards of 14 hours each week thinking about, deciding upon, shopping for, planning and preparing food every single week. Crazy, right? Having a clearly defined meal plan will give you the opportunity to know what you will be eating and when, allow you to select budget-friendly, healthy, simple, quick and delicious meals and reduce the need for last-minute trips to the grocery store knowing you have everything you need to execute your plan seamlessly!

2. Save money - How many times do you go to the grocery store with the intention of only picking up one or two things and end up walking out with $100 shopping cart? A meal plan will allow you to shop only for what you need and nothing else. Your plan can be tailored to suit your unique circumstances and dietary preferences.

3. Reduce waste - There's nothing more annoying than finding that half a tub of sour cream you used last week has gone to waste. Having a plan means you only need to shop for what you need for your plan. You will know exactly the quantity you need for each recipe, allowing you (or us) to shop accordingly. We found families to be wasting an average of $50-$100 worth of groceries due to poor planning every week. Ouch!

4. Minimise stress - know what you're going to cook and when you need to cook it means you are better prepared mentally for what you need to do. You already have all of the ingredients you need! No more last-minute stressing over what you are going to put on the table. 

5. Improve your skills - cooking new recipes and using new ingredients will allow you to learn along the way. Even better, if you're cooking for little ones, they can learn to try new tastes and textures too!

6. Eat well - by planning your meals, you know what you will be fueling your body with. You can make sure you are getting your macro and micronutrients balanced according to your health goals.

Go ahead and give it a go yourself, or even better, save yourself even more time and try out our meal planning service!

Our meal planning service will:

- deliver a weekly meal plan straight to your inbox

- a custom meal prep guide tailored specifically to you and your meal plan

- an option to have the grocery shopping done for you!

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