10 Tips To Save Time In The Kitchen!

food kitchen hacks meal plan meal prep nutrition Dec 17, 2020

You know there's a better way of doing things, but you just need someone to tell you what, where and how!? Well, today's your lucky day! We've uncovered the top 10 ways to save you time in the kitchen - listen up!

1. Put your veggies away washed and ready to use. It might not seem like much but it adds up! Every time you need to get a meal ready you are almost doubling up on what could have been done once, and with less mess!

2. Allocate time to prep. By using an allotted time to get your head around what you're going to be making you are better prepared mentally, and you know exactly what needs to be used for what. You won't be digging around trying to find the missing carrot that you accidentally used in yesterday's sandwiches.

3. Batch quantities. Simply batching snacks and portioning what you need for each meal will allow you to grab and go at the drop of a hat!

4. Stay fresh! Preparing your fruit and veg before storing it will allow it to keep better for longer, saving you both time and money! Win-win!

5. Make lunches before you clean up dinner! Think ahead who needs what for the following day/s. Put them in the appropriate containers and they will be ready to go.

6. Invest in a good quality food processor. These beautiful inventions will save you a ton of time, and when coupled with a prep session, allow you to create beautiful and healthy creations in a matter of minutes.

7. Always make more than you need and portion accordingly. It's amazing how far you can stretch a single meal when you portion it according to what you actually need to eat. Choosing freezer friendly meals is an added bonus! On busy nights just heat it up and add a quick salad.

8. Multi-task - clean as you go, while the oven's on, set the table, pop the rice or pasta on, prepare the dressing or sauce etc.

9. Minimal ingredients - less to buy, less to prepare, lighter on your hip pocket! Who knew recipes can still be delicious without the need for 34 ingredients!?

10. Plan, plan, plan! Planning ahead for the week will save you loads of time and means you have to make fewer decisions at the end of a crazy busy day. Categorise your shopping list so it's quicker and easier when you go to the store. Better yet - let us deliver your plan and do your shopping for you! Click here to read more.


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