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Fre-dom Meal Planning

Meal Planning Made Easy

There is no doubt that meal planning and grocery shopping can take up a great deal of time in most households.

Let’s not forget the million decisions that go along with it and what a lack of inspiration can cost the family when it comes to flavour and variety.

We know time has always been the one element you haven't been able to buy more of.

But that is only up until now.

It’s a little concept we call getting “fre”.

You should try it sometime.


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Does This Sound Like You?

Our aim at fre-as-a.com is to help you to find more free time by taking care of many of the things you simply don't need to be doing yourself.

Would you like to:

  • Feel better planned regarding your meals, know what you're going to eat and know you have what you need to make it
  • Reduce the amount of food you waste each week
  • Make fewer decisions about what you and your family are going to eat and know everyone is fuelling their bodies with the good stuff so everyone can feel better
  • Know what you'll be spending each week on food so you can budget accordingly

We've spent a ridiculous amount of time crafting the perfect meal plans for busy families so you don't have to! Designed to save you time and money, help you to eat healthier, eat a diverse range of foods and take a weight off your shoulders.

Everything You Need To Succeed

Our program, in conjunction with our support network, is designed to help busy parents cut their meal planning time by 90% and save you $$$.

Eat well, save time and feel fre!

We've put together a suite of products to help you master the entire meal planning process.

We'll provide you with:

  • A comprehensive meal plan each week, filled with delicious, quick and easy recipes to feed your entire family

  • Recipes that can easily be adapted to suit various food intolerances

  • Kid-friendly solutions so you know everyone will enjoy mealtimes

  • Grocery lists that are broken down into categories to save you even more time when shopping

  • Loads of tools and resources to help you get even more free time in your busy week - all tried and tested by the fre-as-a.com community so you can be sure it will work for you too

  • Access to a community of people with similar goals in mind - to eat well, save time, and enjoy living (excludes custom plans)

    PLUS, if you want to get even more out of our service, you can have the option for us to:

  • Do your shopping for you - we'll populate your shopping cart with all the ingredients in your meal plan - all you need to do is choose a delivery/pick up time and check out

  • Customise your plan with our in-house nutritionist using our 1-on-1 consultation service

How It Works


Did You Know

 *Based off our market research

1/3 Families

Waste $100 to $200+ each week due to a lack of time to plan on last-minute expense like eating out.

1/3 Families

Spend more than 14 hours each week on meal planning, shopping and preparation.

Fre-dom Stories

fre-as-a.com users share their own feedback.

Siri B

“WOW, this is such a fantastic service and even better than expected! The meal plan was tailored to our family and suited our taste and lifestyle. It was very well-presented in a handy PDF doc, filled with recipes and info. We printed out the weekly menu and stuck it on the fridge. It saved us so much time in meal planning and prepping, while the recipes were super healthy, delicious and quick & easy to make. I can definitely recommend this service to anyone and is well-worth it!”

Rating: 5 out of 5.
“fre-as-a.com, gave me a break from the everyday monotony of thinking of what to cook, planning and shopping. It felt like a holiday for the week when we first started and we continue to love it! It made me enjoy cooking the meals and meant I had extra time in the week to spend with my family. I loved the simple, nutritious variety of family-friendly meals that were easy to cook and delicious. Highly recommend the service!”
Jade M
Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Saved me SO much time! I usually procrastinate ordering groceries as it stresses me out having to think about and plan the meals for the week. Having the shop and meals planned for me removed hours I’d have usually spent on this and I was able to spend time with my family having fun instead. Work, and after school activities were so much easier without the usual dinner time burden. The stress-free really cascaded into all areas of our week!”
Lauren V
Rating: 5 out of 5.
“Such an exceptional service for busy families! I save time planning meals, shopping and cooking. I have also reduced my food waste and spend less on groceries. Instead of prepping dinner while baby napped I can have some me time! Also when the big kids returned from school I don't have to begin dinner immediately. I loved how quickly I could get dinner on the table and clean up was a breeze as most recipes were “one pot”.”
Sarah F

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